Skin Care For Your Decollete

Go Low Cut With Confidence

Whether it’s a sweet Summer frock or a glamorous Holiday cocktail dress, you will feel all the more confident wearing what may a bit of a more daring neckline when have a beautiful decollete.

Being out in the sun, smoking, living or working in dry-air conditions, can all contribute to speeding up the aging process for the skin in the upper chest area.

If this has happened to you take heart because you definitely don’t have to give up and cover up!

The treatments in this blog post can help your decollete become smoother and healthier-looking after just a few weeks. Nothing you do at home is a miracle – but I myself have been pleasantly surprised at how effective even the simplest homemade skin treatment can be.

The same can happen for you. Read on for the instructions.

Beautiful Decollete Cream

When preparing this recipe, do not allow the ingredients to boil. Overheating may cause granules to form in the cream, creating lumps and separation of the ingredients.

What you’ll need

1 tbsp. sweet almond oil

2 tbsp. grapeseed oil

1 tbsp. cocoa butter

2 tsp. beeswax

3 tsp. orange blossom water

20 drops neroli oil

4-ounce glass jar with tight-fitting lid – you can use a wide mouthed spice jar you find in the kitchen and bath stores

Double boiler

Small saucepot


Combine the sweet almond and grapeseed oils with the cocoa butter and beeswax in a double boiler. Heat just until the beeswax and cocoa butter have melted. Blend the mixture thoroughly.

In the small saucepot, mix the orange blossom water with the hot sweet almond oil mixture, stirring constantly until it forms a creamy emulsion.

Let the cream cool until it feels just barely warm to the touch, then stir in the neroli oil and mix thoroughly. Transfer the cream to a 4-oz. glass jar.

Store in the refrigerator, for up to four months.


Apply a moderate to generous amount of the neckline cream to your entire decollete as a specific treatment for this area. Place a warm, wet towel over the top, and lay down for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off and apply toner, serum and moisturizer. These products should be dry-skin type formulas.

Intensive Care Treatment

Treat yourself once a month to this gentle and firming yogurt-and-peach mask. Peel 1 small, ripe peach, mash it with a fork and combine it with 5 tbsp. of plain yogurt (Greek style is best). Whisk until the mixture is creamy. Spread on the upper chest and breasts and leave on for 20 min. Rinse off and apply the above neckline cream or any moisturizer that’s formulated for dry skin.

Quick Neckline Care Oil

For a super quick treatment, add 5-10 drops of rose essential oil to 1/2 cup of jojoba oil. For very dry skin, add 5-10 drops of sweet almond oil. Massage into your neckline gently but thoroughly.


A gentle sea salt exfoliation can help stimulate circulation in the upper torso while removing dead skin cells. Dampen your skin and rub gently with a mix of finely ground sea salt and a olive oil. Wash off thoroughly, then apply toner and a dry skin moisturizer.

Daily Care

Each day, cleanse the skin of the neckline and chest; then spread cream or oil evenly into the area. Gently message into the skin. Make sure that the product has been thoroughly absorbed before you get dressed to avoid staining your clothing. Dab away any excess with a tissue.


Me, at age 60.  Photo was taken in mid-afternoon sun, and even with that being the worst time of day for taking a picture, my skin still looks smooth.  If I can do it — so can YOU!

Look GORGEOUS for your special day!
“Simple methods. Spectacular results!”

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Nina says:

    Your skin just glows!


  2. You have such pretty skin, Nancy!


  3. Yolanda says:

    OK. I never make anything at home, and rarely cook LOL, but I’m going to give this a try!


  4. Great post for any woman wearing a formal gown.


  5. chella says:

    I will try some of your advice for sure. Especially the sloughing.


  6. cheryl says:

    I am going to follow your advice. The skin on my upper chest shows sun damage and I hate it. I am unconsciously opting for higher necklines all the time. Good post — thanks!


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