Making The Big Decision

It’s been 30 years.  Can’t really believe it but it’s true.  

And here we are.  Three decades, two kids, and a lot of life later, we’re still standing.  Still together.

That stands for something.  These days.  Yesteryear.  Anytime.  It has always stood for something.

So I decided, rather recently actually, to become a bride again.  To “say yes to the dress” once more.  And the more I thought about it the more I loved the idea.

Sometimes you need a boost.  

Of course.  It’s only natural.  We all need to remember why we’re doing what we’re doing and why we’re with who we are with.

Life throws you plenty of curves, let me tell you from experience ladies and gentlemen, it’ll blow you away with both the good and the not-so-good surprises.

But like the (amazing to me) tall pines just outside my home that have stood the test of time, and survived many, many hurricanes, we as a couple are one of them in spirit.  Weathering the storms when they come, and enjoying the blue skies when the storms pass.

That sounds too philosophical! 

For certain!  I’m a believer in laughter, and how it changes everything, and so I’m not one for giving speeches about the solemn duties of marriage.  Please!

Instead I have found that being together is the key.  Being able to laugh at the things that go wrong, celebrate all the small things that are incredibly right, and never taking anyone or anything for granted.

There you have my own marriage 101 course in a nutshell.

Roger and Nancy Welker
This is us!!!! Cute aren’t we??

Going for it. 

Yup.  I mean it when I say “yes to the dress”.  I’m going to put on a brand new gown, have flowers, say our vows and have a lovely reception.

I want all the people who matter in my life to be there – as many as can be there anyway.  I want all the “faces of my world” there to celebrate the years and celebrate the success story that Roger and I have written.


Well, heck yes.  I’m up in the air about it.  Maybe Las Vegas.  Maybe New Orleans.  Maybe Colorado.  It’ll depend on when we go.

I may break with tradition, which I love to do by the way, and have the ceremony and reception in the early Fall and the honeymoon around Valentine’s Day 2018.  That sounds sweet to me.  But, it’s not carved in stone so we’ll see.


I’ll be blogging about my wedding and honeymoon plans, my family, and all the other great details of my life.

For me it’s the time to shout out to the entire world, “We made it!”.  So that’s pretty much what I’ll be doing…..

All the best to you,



11 Comments Add yours

  1. Yolanda says:

    You will be the bride every woman dreams of being… break all the rules that should be broken hon……LOVE you and can’t wait to see the pics!!!!!


  2. Nina says:

    WOW….you will be a vision in a wedding gown…every guy’s dream girl….your hub is one lucky fellow….


  3. Kelly-J says:

    You’ve been such an inspiration to me. I hate you of course because you look like you’re 13 or something LOL but other than that you’re my idea of a woman who is the whole package. I am so happy for you! Dying to see your choice of gown! Something slinky I bet!!!


  4. chella says:

    Wow! 30 years! How many women could wear a wedding dress again after that long? Not many. God bless you both!!


  5. cheryl says:

    You’ll make a beautiful bride…..once again!!!


  6. Cat says:

    This is your moment to shine. It’s even bigger and more special than the first time you walked down the aisle. Just as you say here. It’s after so many years and so much life that you choose each other again. And you will surely make an incredibly beautiful bride!


  7. Christina says:

    You will GLOW in a wedding gown!! I’m dying to see what style you’re looking at! Congratulations to you and your husband for making it this far, and still wanting to take that plunge again. Just another item on the list of reasons why you are my favorite role model. XOXO


  8. Tully says:

    Soooo happy for you sweetie!!! You’ll be a magazine cover bride! Write all about it here I don’t want to miss a detail! XOXO


  9. erin says:

    A goddess of a bride is what you’ll be!!!!


  10. Lucille says:

    Beautiful idea! What an elegant bride you’ll make!


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